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Försäkringsdomstolen Marknadsdomstolen Helsingfors förvaltningsdomstol Tavastehus förvaltningsdomstol Östra Finlands förvaltningsdomstol Norra Finlands förvaltningsdomstol Åbo förvaltningsdomstol Vasa förvaltningsdomstol Ålands förvaltningsdomstol

Allmänna domstolar

Högsta domstolen Hovrätterna

Nordiska högsta domstolar

Högsta domstolen (Sverige) Högsta forvaltningsdomstolen (Sverige) Høyesterett (Norge) Højesteret (Danmark) Hæstiréttur (Island)


Europeiska unionens domstol Europeiska människorättsdomstolen

Europeiska högsta domstolar

Administrative Court of Austria Supreme Court of Estonia Belgiens högsta domstol (Court of Cassation) Council of State of Belgium Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria High Administrative Court of Croatia Supreme Court of Cyprus Supreme Court of Czech Republic Supreme Administrative Court of Czech Republic Council of State of France Supreme Court of France (Cour de cassation) Federal Administrative Court of Germany Federal Constitutional Court of Germany Federal Court of Justice of Germany Council of State of Greece The Curia of Hungary Supreme Court of Ireland Council of State of Italy Supreme Court of Latvia Supreme Court of Lithuania Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania Administrative Court of Luxembourg Court of Appeal of Malta Coucil of State of the Netherlands Supreme Administrative Court of Poland Supreme Court of Portugal Supreme Administrative Court of Portugal High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania Supreme Court of Slovakia Supreme Court of Slovenia Supreme Court of Spain Supreme Court of United Kingdom

Andra högsta domstolar

Supreme Court of the United States Supreme Court of Russia Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland Supreme Arbitration (Commercial) Court of the Russian Federation Supreme Court of Canada Supreme Court of India Supreme Administrative Court of Turkey

Juridiskt material

Riksdagen Gateway to the European Union EUR-Lex Law journal Juridica Finlands Advokatförbund Finlands Juristförbund ACA Europe


Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union Association Internationale des Hautes Jursidictions Administratives AIHJA Venedigkomissionen (European Commission for Democracy through Law) Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union


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Publicerad 25.6.2015