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This web site contains summaries of latest decisions in Finnish and Swedish. All summaries published since 1944 are available in the public FINLEX data bank of Finnish law, in which they may be searched e.g. through key-words in Finnish or Swedish. FINLEX

National decisions concerning European Union law

Summaries of decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court concerning European Union law are available in English and French on the web site of the Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union. Web site of the Association

Publication of decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court

Summaries of decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court, considered as having value as precedents, have been published in the Court's Yearbook since 1918. Only such decisions as have later relevance for the application of law in identical or similar cases or are otherwise of public interest are included in the Yearbook.

Approximately one hundred cases have been published in each volume of the Yearbook. The summaries are always written in the language that was used as the language of proceedings in the case, i.e. in either Finnish or Swedish.

On this web site, brief summaries in Finnish are also published of approximately one hundred cases other than those included in the Yearbook.

Published 12.1.2015